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Why do you have bad experience on the Aftermarket Fairing Kits?


Sometimes we read the forum or the review that people is very angry and disappointed on their aftermarket fairing. They said something like the fairing is crap, be aware China seller, etc.

First of all, honestly speaking, unless the OEM fairing. All the good quality aftermarket fairing kit comes from China. Even the local sellers, they import it from China as well.

The paint depends on the worker's experience very much and the QC. I have no comment. 

But for the fitment, you need to know there are two kind productive methods: Compression molds and Injection molds. You must understand what it is before you place the order so that you will have different expectation.

Actually, the fairing kit produced by injection molds is the same as the OEM. It fits almost 100%.And the compression molds is good for the old model (Sometimes new model not so good.....), but you need to modified and adjusted the position before you put the bolt on, like drilling and cutting if necessary.

Make it simple. Injection molds will more like a finished item. You know the correct position and put it on. Compression molds you only get the outline, you need “technique” to put it on.

And some models have only injection molds and some only have compression molds. Common models normally have both on the market. It depends on the resellers' marketing strategy.

The price normally can reflect what method they use for the production. And you can ask before you buy it. And you can see the difference on the connector.

But even the fairing kit fits the bike perfectly; it still takes around 4 - 6 hours for installation by professional technician.


Injection molds connectors sample:

Injection molds connectors simple 1Injection molds connectors simple 2Injection molds connectors simple 3


Compression molds connectors sample (Stick after production):

Compression molds connectors simple 1Compression molds connectors simple 2Compression molds connectors simple 3