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Our Guarantee

We care about YOUR opinion :
Your opinion makes us better

Phone : 852-5100 7094

We care about YOUR money :
- If received broken parts
- If received in wrong color
- If the fitment problem

We will Full refund or Resend

We care about YOUR idea :
We can custom made order. Please let us know what the design of fairing kit you want! According to the customer's specifications, we almost can paint any pattern on any fairing set.

We care about YOU :
We are helping for long term
- Saving your life
- Saving your time
- Saving your money

We may not the cheapest seller, because we concern on the quality, communication and your satisfaction. It means we are the CHEAPEST at the end!

We care about the quality :
We use the injection molds model as our first choice, although we have both injection and compression molds model. (We can only provide the compression molds for few models because there is no factory to produce injection molds for it)